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The Classroom

The classroom was recently decorated and can have maximum 30 children at once.

Clearly defined areas in the classroom:

  • Practical life area: pouring, transferring, sorting, matching, opening & closing, folding, pegging, threading and sewing skills
  • Sensorial life area: The aim of the sensorial materials is the education and refinement of the senses. Activities include Pink tower, Broad stairs, Knobbed cylinders, Knobbless cylinders, Colour boxes, Sound boxes, Thermic tablets, etc
  • Cultural life area: Introduction to Geography, Biology, Science and History. Activities include Sandpaper globe, world map, Continent boxes, Life cycle puzzles, magnetic materials, etc.
  • Maths area: Introducing counting using whole quantities, relationship between numbers, sequence of numbers, number symbols, concept of zero, odd and even numbers, counting using the decimal system and golden beads up to 1000, etc
  • Language area: Preparation for writing and reading using specialist Montessori materials: Inset for design, Sandpaper letters (phonetic approach), cvc words, phrases, sentences and book reading.
  • Book corner: Various books to encourage the love of books in a comfortable area.
  • ICT area: Cd player, laptop, iPad, torches, voice recorder, remote controlled toys, headphones, digital camera, etc.
  • Art area: Free choice of various creative materials such as pencils, crayons, felt pens, stencils, paper, paint, glue, scissors, play-dough, play foam, etc.
  • Sand and water play area
  • Construction play and small world play area: Duplo, Lego, train track, trucks, small cars, wooden blocks, Megablocks, stickle bricks, Octagons, etc