Parental comments

"I honestly can't think of a way to improve this nursery. My son took a while to settle but the staff were kind, empathetic and supportive, so he soon settled. I could not have asked for more for him. He is happy and excited to come every day and is presented with such a range of activities. It is obvious how caring and supportive the staff are. The trips and shows are child centered. The consistency of staff has been very important for Max and reassuring for me. The way all staff dealt with his allergies was amazing. Thank you all so much. Max is so lucky to have had such an incredible start and I am so sad he is leaving to start the next stage in his educational journey." Daisy (July, 2018).

"Big girls' nursery is really fun. I like playing with my friends and playing mammy and daddy and I really love ballet and dancing." J.P- 3.5 years old (July, 2018).

"We have honestly been so happy with Nightingale and Lily's time here. She has been happy and confident coming in every day and talks so much about her friends, teachers and activities. We'll miss it! (Cairene, 2018).

"I wanted to reiterate again how happy we are with Nightingales. My son is so very happy with you and seems to be learning lots in preparation for school. It is going to be more of a struggle physically for him to start school compared to his older brother as he is a summer birthday, but I am confident that Nightingales is arming him with all the tools he needs to make a smooth transition. 

After 4 years at nursery it will be strange not to be there next year! At least I know that we will be coming back in 2018 when my daughter starts! We really do love Nightingales, perhaps the key reason we chose it originally was how kind the children appeared to be to each other (seeing friends’ children there), and this really has held true over the last 4 years. Your nursery really does in still a sense of kindness in the children and I never tire of seeing how loving the children are to each other." (March 2017).

"Dear Miss Beata and all the members of the staff,

I really want to thank all of you for your hard work this year. I couldn't have dreamed of a better nursery for my Thomas. He had 2 fantastic years at Nightingale, I'm so pleased for him. He's built very strong friendships with many kids and members of the staff. Thomas is going to miss them VERY much next year. 

It 's been a pleasure to bring him to nursery every morning. Everybody always seems happy to see my child, says hello and a few kind words each day. At the pick up time, all the members of the staff are able to tell me what happened during the day with Thomas, what was his favorite activity, who he played with...

I understand it's a bit frustrating to see the kids leaving after 2 years only because most of the kids forget about their nursery and their early age but I'll make sure Thomas remembers how much he learnt from you and his friends at Nightingale. 

All the best, THANK YOU!

" (July, 2016)

Alex, July 2016


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